True Mesorah

Yeshivas Bais Yisroel was created with a single mission: Transforming a Bochur through a mesorah of Torah, Yiras Shamayim, and Bein Odom Lechaveiro. There is no better example of this than the Rebbeim in the Yeshiva. Handpicked, veteran Talmidei Chachomim, whose every minute in the Yeshiva is dedicated to bringing out the potential in every Bochur. In Bais, every Bochur knows that at any moment he can approach his Rebbi for anything, be it in learning, or to schmooze. This sense of security enables a Bochur to grow at his own pace, with the Rebbeim he feels most comfortable. Also, with a less than one to five Rebbi to Bochur ratio in the Yeshiva, a close kesher can be quickly developed, furthering growth as a Ben Torah.

With Rebbeim that had a personal connection with the leading Gedolim of the past 50 years, the ability of each Rebbi to give over the depth of their mesorah is unparalleled, and “Our Rebbeim tell us” is a common refrain. A constant message from the Rebbeim to look past the surface level and delve deep into Yiddishkeit is given in the Yeshiva. This message enables a Bochur to understand the “why” of Yiddishkeit and see that it is real and alive. In today’s world, that is something that Bochurim come to appreciate during their time in the Yeshiva and beyond.

Additionally, the infectious feeling of Ahavas HaTorah in Bais stems from the constant involvement of the Rosh HaYeshiva, HaRav Doniel Lehrfield Shlit” a. During any of the Sedorim you can find him sitting in the front of the Bais Medrash, learning the Yeshiva Mesechta. The ability to look up during seder and see a Gadol BaTorah learning alongside you benefits all.

As the year’s progress, a Bochur learns different skills in Pshat, Lomdus, and Drush. As time passes, the skill builds, and sooner than later, a Bochur can see themselves Shteiging and enjoying Torah, with a real passion and love. This ability to be the next link in the mesorah is something that the Bochurim who leave Bais cherish for years to come.

Genuine Growth

In the Yeshiva, Shteiging, Ratzon, and Chiyus is perfectly balanced, coupled with an exact feeling of comfortability and ease. These are the ingredients for a successful time in Yeshiva. As one Bochur puts it, “There’s a real path, you can see it. If you can follow the Yeshiva’s guidelines and buy into the Yeshiva, you come out the ultimate Bochur.” During the time that a Bochur spends in the Yeshiva, he is given the perfect amount of space to grow. The Yeshiva encourages the Bochurim to do things their way and become the best version of themselves through the lens of Torah and Avodas Hashem. This enables a Bochur to develop an authentic, genuine understanding of Yiddishkeit, and cultivates independence, both in learning and life.

There is a continuous warmth in Yeshiva that stems from a feeling of camaraderie and friendship in the Bochurim. At any time, you can see Bochurim learning and spending time together, regardless of which which year they're in they’re in. When Alumni visit the Yeshiva, they say that warmth is felt the second they enter the building, as if they had never left. That is something that Yeshivas Bais Yisroel prides itself on, and prioritizes.

To help supplement the growth, numerous V’aadim and Schmoozen are offered throughout the week. A highlight for many is the weekly Divrei Hisorerus given by The Rosh HaYeshiva Shlit” a, which Alumni still listen to regularly, years down the line. With a plethora of options, each Bochur can find the V’aad that speaks to them and feel they benefit from the most. Also, on many Thursday nights, the Yeshiva brings a speaker from outside, providing the Bochurim with many flavours of Torah (not only because of the cholent!). Within the Yeshiva, there are also many programs throughout the year, aiming to provide a clear example of a Ben Torah’s life.

The physical needs of a Bochur are also something that’s vital to growth, and the Yeshiva recognizes that. In Yeshiva, if a Bochur is sick or needs something taken care of, the Yeshiva is at his side, ensuring that everything goes as necessary. Food and Health are also taken very seriously, and the Yeshiva has a workout gym on-premises, in addition to serving nourishing food at every meal of the day. The Rebbeim in Yeshiva also keeps in contact with parents, maintaining an open communication line, furthering the feeling of safety and security that is conducive to a Bochur’s growth

A Life of Torah

The Yeshiva is proud of the Bochurim that leaves its doors. Whether an Alumni is a leading mechanech or businessman, there is one thing that connects them: Knowing that they are Bnei Torah and that they have to act on that knowledge. They know a Ben Torah is not something set aside for Yiddishkeit, but rather something that defines their life and choices. They do things because they want to, for the right reasons, not for anything or anyone else. Wherever they are, a Bais Alumni asks, “What does the Ribono Shel Olam want from me, right now?” This is the Chinuch that the Yeshiva gives over, in all aspects of the day, during Seder, V’aadim, and even during breaks. All of this comes from the foundations that the Yeshiva provides, transforming a Bochur through a mesorah of Torah, Yiras Shamayim, and Bein Odom Lachaverio.

The cover page of every בינת דניאל makes it perfectly clear. “Permission is given to photocopy or reprint any part of this ספר in keeping with ה’ חפץ למען צדקו יגדיל תורה ויאדיר”. Nothing better describes the Rosh Yeshiva’s goals than the words יגדיל תורה ויאדיר. As the תלמיד מובהק of הרה”ג ר’ חיים צימרמן זצ”ל , the Rosh Yeshiva is our link in the מסורה, making בית ישראל the world class yeshiva it is.