Rabbi Doniel Lehrfield

Rosh HaYeshiva

The cover page of every בינת דניאל makes it perfectly clear. “Permission is given to photocopy or reprint any part of this ספר in keeping with ה’ חפץ למען צדקו יגדיל תורה ויאדיר”. Nothing better describes the Rosh Yeshiva’s goals than the words יגדיל תורה ויאדיר. As the תלמיד מובהק of הרה”ג ר’ חיים צימרמן זצ”ל , the Rosh Yeshiva is our link in the מסורה, making בית ישראל the world class yeshiva it is.

I want every Bochur to fulfill the posuk of מה אהבתי תורתך כל היום היא שיחתי
Rav MOshe

Rabbi Moshe Lehrfield

Rosh Yeshiva, Third year Maggid Shiur

Aside from his duties as Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Moshe, as he is affectionately known, says the third year shiur. His shiur is seen as something of a status symbol, as bochurim must earn the right to enter by showing diligence in their learning in the previous year. Those who have been on the receiving end of his teaching rave about the way he opens their mind and takes them to the next level after the first two years. His lightning quick grasp and energized delivery leave the boys almost literally shaking their heads in wonder, and has been a significant factor in the decision of many to pursue their Torah learning further. The bochurim also see Rav Moshe as someone to whom to turn when faced with any sort of dilemma, and they flock to him for his insights and advice.

To me, it doesn’t make a difference if a guy is working or learning, as we’re here to produce authentic Bnei Torah

Rabbi Menachem Glick

Senior Mashgiach

Rav Glick, the mashgiach ruchani of the yeshiva, is regarded as being one of the top mashgichim in Eretz Yisrael. His many years of experience and keen grasp of human nature put him in the driver’s seat when dealing with the many issues and personal challenges bochurim are faced with. He somehow manages to have a handle on each and every bochur and spends unlimited time helping them work things out, sparing no effort and not resting until matters are brought to a satisfactory conclusion. He makes time to learn with any bochur who asks, and is consulted by talmidim long after they’ve left the yeshiva. Rav Glick delivers an inspirational weekly shmooze, as well as giving va’adim to the advanced talmidim on a wide variety of topics.

I want the Bochurim to realize that Torah and Mitzvos are opportunities, not obligations

Rabbi Hillel Ruvel

Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Ruvel is the morning rosh chabura of the kollel. Our yeshiva is privileged to have such a unique talmid chacham of world class stature on staff. As the talmid muvhak of HaRav Yisrael Gustman ZT”L, Rabbi Ruvel brings both mesora and chiddush to his talmidim, both in limud and life.

Elly Lehrfield

Rabbi Elly Lehrfield

Rosh Kollel and head of Semicha Program

Reb Elly, with his unassuming demeanor brings to the Bais Medrash a wellspring of knowledge. His talmidim tap into this easily, due to his easy going personality. Rabbi Lehrfield smoothly heads both the Smicha program for the bachurim and the Halacha Chabura for avreichim.


Rabbi Ezra Hartman

First Year Maggid Shiur

Rav Hartman is a maggid shiur for the first year bochurim. The clarity with which his shiur is delivered, along with the gishmak generated by his love of Torah, has won the shiur a reputation as one of the top first year shiurim in Eretz Yisrael. “I love Rav Hartman’s shiur” is a standard refrain heard from those privileged to have learned by him. The bochurim coming out of his shiur gain an understanding of how to approach a piece of gemara in the classic Litveshe yeshiva manner and are well on their way towards their development as serious lamdanim.

I would like to be zocheh Bez”H to bring the bochurim to the madreiga mentioned in יומא דף עב,ב regarding acquiring Keser Torah: “כל הרוצה ליקח יבא ויקח”, to develop a real desire to learn Hashem’s Torah.

Rabbi Avrohom Haller

First Year Maggid Shiur

Rav Haller is a first year maggid shiur, known for his devotion to his talmidim. His talmidim take advantage of his approachability to make a kesher with him. In many cases the kesher is maintained long after the talmid’s years in the Yeshiva. Those in his shiur are treated to an awareness of the sweetness of Torah and the depth of Torah, as he helps them to understand the intricate workings of the gemara. In addition, his wisdom and insightfulness make him a choice target for those seeking guidance on life’s myriad issues.

תן לחכם ויחכם עוד .Success in Chinuch is when the Talmid internalizes the values of the rebbe as his own.

Rabbi Avrohom Frankel

First Year Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Avrohom Frankel, is a true talmid of the Mirrer yeshiva. He was close to Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel zt”l and ylt”a Rav Asher Arielli and Rav Peretz Tarshish shlita. He is a particularly dynamic, dedicated and caring rebbi. He invests much energy and ingenuity in being mechanech and developing warm relationships with his talmidim. His investment of time, both in the morning and night sedarim are appreciated by talmidim and staff alike. He is also a valuable addition to the recruiting staff, with his contagious excitement for the yeshiva.

I’m here to be מרומם, raise up, each individual Bochur according to his own strengths
Rav Kamenetsky

Rabbi Avrohom Kamenetzsky

Second Year Maggid Shiur

As a second year maggid shiur, Rav Kamenetsky, a grandson of Harav Yaakov Kamenetsky zt”l, takes his talmidim to the next level by deepening their understanding of gemara through showing them the subtleties and nuances contained in the words of the gemara and Rishonim. His advice is highly regarded by the bochurim who feel secure in the knowledge that by following his suggestions they can’t go wrong. Also, his model midos and projection of dignity are regarded with a sense of wonder by both staff members and students.

I want Bochurim to realize the beauty of being a Ben Torah, יָפְיָפִ֡יתָ מִבְּנֵ֬י אָדָ֗ם ה֣וּצַק חֵ֭ן בְּשְׂפְתוֹתֶ֑יךָ עַל־כֵּ֤ן בֵּֽרַכְךָ֖ אֱלֹהִ֣ים לְעוֹלָֽם׃ (Tehillim, מה,ג)

Rabbi Raanan Robinson

Second Year Maggid Shiur

A warm demeanor and excellence in teaching make Rav Robinson a popular second year maggid shiur. His many hours of preparation show in the clarity of his delivery, as he takes his talmidim deeper into the world of lomdus. Rav Robinson takes the time to help every bochur understand the shiur and the results show in the growth of his talmidim experience. His friendliness and ever-present smile make him easily approachable and his talmidim take full advantage of it, developing and maintaining a strong kesher with him.

A Yeshiva is not just a place to learn Torah. It’s a place to learn life, על פי the torah.
Y Kaplan

Rabbi Yosef Kaplan

Second Year Maggid Shiur

As a second year maggid shiur, there is very little Rav Kaplan won’t do for his talmidim. His seemingly endless patience is instrumental in helping bochurim with limited gemara experience realize the potential they have for learning. Bochurim advance and in many cases surprise themselves by the huge strides they make in his shiur. His ability to simplify complicated concepts gives his talmidim the awareness that mastery of learning is within their reach. Rav Kaplan’s humility and unassuming nature endear him to all, and his talmidim see him as a role model they’d like to emulate.

After so many pleasant surprises in Bais Yisroel, I realized that I can not prejudge/guess the potential of ANY Talmid.
Simi Susnow

Rabbi Sosnow

Sho’el U’Mayshiv for the Rosh Yeshiva and Bekius Rebbe

Rabbi Sosnow is a true talmid of the Rosh Yeshiva. His exuberant love for learning lights up the bais medrash both as a first year bekius rebbe and with chazara of shiur klali. His excitement for the yeshiva makes him ideal for the role of recruiter. His warm personality draws the bachurim close to him and to learning.


Rabbi Nossi Friedman

First Year Bekius Rebbe

A first year bekius rebbe, Rabbi Friedman is a true nachas for Yeshivas Bais Yisroel. He has grown into a noteworthy talmid chachom in his years here in yeshiva and kollel. His broad yedios haTorah as well as his knowledge of seforim are a great asset to yeshiva. His clarity in learning and dedication to his talmidim ensure their growth in learning.


Rabbi Eli Smith

First Year Bekius Rebbe

Rabbi Smith is a proud product of Yeshivas Bais Yisroel. As a first year bekius rebbe, his dynamic personality infuses the shiur with an excitement that is contagious. The bachurim are also drawn by his genuine care for their personal growth.


Rabbi Eli Rowe

Second Year Bekius Rebbe

Rabbi Rowe is a bekius rebbe for second year bochurim. His energy in delivering the shiur and his gift for explaining difficult concepts combine to make for a highly successful shiur. His easy going personality make the bachurim comfortable to speak with him.


Rabbi Nachliel Friedman

First Year Mashgiach

Rav Nachliel Friedman is a wonderful Bais Yisroel success story. He began as a bochur in the yeshiva, and has subsequently risen through the ranks to become the first year mashgiach. Rav Friedman’s scholarship, coupled with his approachable personality, make him the ideal guide and role model for the new bochurim in the yeshiva, providing them with supervision and a listening ear.


Rabbi Dovid Lavon


As mashgiach katan, Rabbi Lavon’s concern and sincerity shines through and is much appreciated by the bochurim. He also says a weekly va’ad which is accompanied by home baked delights, adding a special sweetness to the important ideas he gives over.


Rabbi Michoel Goodman

First Year Mashgiach

As a first year mashgiach, Rav Goodman is the listening ear many bochurim turn to. His ability to understand matters from the bochurims’ perspective gives them the confidence to open up to him and thereby resolve many of the tricky issue’s faced by bochurim in today’s world. In addition, he gives va’adim to the first year bochurim which deal with matters that are very real to them. Rav Goodman also shares responsibility for the physical welfare of the bochurim through close supervision of the dormitory.


Rabbi Yisroel Berman


As the senior mashgiach of the yeshiva, Rav Berman has earned a sterling reputation for his sense of responsibility and organizational skills. With his finger on the pulse of all the bochurim, parents can feel secure in the knowledge that their son’s welfare is being monitored closely, on both the ruchani and material ends. Rav Berman says shmoozen in the yeshiva which are known as classics, as well as giving va’adim to third year bochurim which aim at instilling true Torah values and hashkafos in the talmidim.

Shlomo Lehrfield

Rabbi Shlomo Lehrfield

Menahel Klali of First Year, and Head of the Bais Medrash in the Afternoon

As the Rosh HaYeshivas son, R’ Shlomo heads the Bais Medrash during second seder. With wisdom and care he smoothes out many shiur and chevrusa challenges, and is constantly bridging gaps with finesse.

D Kaplan

Rabbi Dovid Kaplan

Second Year Mashgiach

Rabbi Kaplan is the second year Mashgiach. His wit and wisdom are world renowned. The bachurim are both enlightened and entertained by his top notch shiurim and va’adim. Bachurim also benefit greatly from his practical hadracha in all areas of life and Avodas Hashem.


Rabbi Ezra Carter

Vaad Rebbe

In addition to being a proud product of the Yeshiva, both as a bochur and as an avreich, R’ Ezra enriches the bachurim constantly with his sharp, energetic, and entertaining vaadim that few would miss.


Rabbi Menachem Vilensky

Second Seder Sho’el U’Mayshiv and Rosh Chaburah

As a Second Seder Meyshiv and Rosh Chaburah who learned under R’ Docs Soloveichik zt”l for many years, R’ Vilensky brings a Brisker taam to the Bais Medrash. His Chaburos on Sugyos in Shas and Chumash are loved by many.


Rabbi Shimon Weiner

Senior Sho’el U’Mayshiv

Rav Weiner is the senior sho’el u’maishiv in the yeshiva and is considered the anchor of the bais medrash. Bochurim may ask him questions on several masechtos. His vast knowledge coupled with his gift of patience keep him busy virtually all day, tirelessly responding to an endless stream of questions. In addition, he shoulders the responsibility of pairing up bochurim for bekius learning .


Rabbi Yaakov Minkus


Rav Minkus is a first year rebbe who has the challenging task of delivering night-time shiurim. His effervescent personality and his seemingly endless energy keeps the talmidim focused. His infectious enthusiasm for Torah rubs off on all around him. He is also available for private study sessions with bochurim who can benefit from one on one learning.


Mrs Aderet

Head of U.S. Office

Mrs. Aderet runs the all important American office, dealing with many matters pertaining to the Yeshiva.

Mrs Buxbaum


Mrs. Buxbaum is our hard working Administrator here in Yerushalayim. Working non-stop both on site, and behind the scenes.


Rabbi Yaakov Hilton

Sho’el U’Mayshiv and Head of Alumni Relations

In addition to his position as a first year Sho’el U’Mayshiv, Rabbi Yaakov Hilton runs the Alumni Association. As part of his job, Rabbi Hilton ensures that when Alumni leave they maintain a strong Kesher with the Yeshiva, arranging Shiurim, get-togethers, and the like. He also sends out a weekly newsletter to the Alumni, keeping them up to date with Mazel Tovs, and general news.

Yaakov Schwarz

R’ Yaakov Schwarcz

Administrative Assistant

A dedicated Talmid of the Yeshiva, R’ Yaakov takes care of many things behind the scenes. Him helping out in every way he can ensures that the Yeshiva runs as smoothly as possible.